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 The world’s leading analytics programme.  Fun, intuitive and engaging, Tableau enables you to visualise, analyse and understand your data – your way. 

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Tableau data analytics tool

This is ‘the data analytics tool people love to use’; the software that crosses industries and organisational boundaries. Tableau enables you to visualise, analyse and understand your data – your way. It is the super-fast, self-service solution for visual data analytics and is the trusted market-leader. 

Uncover opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in your data by bringing together any data from anywhere. 

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Less time learning, more doing

Spend time running queries rather than learning the software. Tableau is so intuitive. The convenient ‘drag and drop’ and ‘point and click’ interfaces will enable you to develop charts, reports and dashboards easily. Use it to connect everyone throughout your organisation directly with their data, then roll it out more widely using Tableau Public to share on blogs and websites.

Everybody’s happy

Tableau offers flexibility, scalability and enterprise-grade security and governance, so it keeps both the users and the IT administrators happy.

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You saw Tableau here first

With over a million members in its global community, Tableau has earnt the right to call itself the world’s leading analytics programme. As the original Tableau implementation partner, our Managing Director, Nick Lupis, was one of the first to introduce Tableau to the New Zealand market in 2011. A fun, intuitive and very engaging platform, we enjoy delivering this fantastic solution to clients across New Zealand. Helping business to build a data culture and benefit from the insights it delivers is what FIRN Analytics is all about. 

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Business tools for evidence-based decisions

Data analytics tools, such as Tableau, help organisations make better, more data-driven decisions. With our 20 years of experience, we can help you access the right mix of technology and give you the right strategic advice to unlock the real value in your data.

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