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Our consultancy team offers you tailored support to navigate the complex world of data:

Data Strategy, Process & Workflow
Data Management & Tool Implementation
Improve Process, Products & Documentation
Data Planning & Integration
Custom Solutions

Data Consulting Services

Strategic Planning and Governance:

Establish a solid foundation with our Data Strategy and Governance consulting. Ensure your data practices not only comply with regulations but also align with your business objectives, enhancing data reliability and decision-making processes.

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System Design and Management:

Build and manage efficient data ecosystems with our System Design and Management services. From Data Management to sophisticated Data Architecture and Lakes, we ensure your infrastructure supports scalable growth and performance.

Insights and Analytics:

Leverage our Insights and Analytics expertise to uncover hidden opportunities and drive innovation. With services ranging from Data Science to Advanced Big Data and AI, we transform your raw data into actionable intelligence.

Integration and Transformation:

Stay agile and adaptable with our Integration and Transformation consulting. Streamline your operations with seamless Data Migration and Engineering and turn change into advantage with strategic Data Transformation.

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Short Term Projects

Specific projects
Quick start in building visualisations
Standing up data warehouses
Creating predictive models
Solidifying your strategy

Longer Term Resource

Recruiting for a Data Consultant? Email us info@FIRN.nz and we will help you find them. Or alternatively:

data analytics techniques Use a FIRN Employee – from our own resource pool to enhance your own team.

data analytics techniques Get a Contractor – we are very well connected, and we know the good contractors and what they’re worth.

Data Consulting For Business

Unleash the full potential of your data landscape. With our specialised data services, you can drive your business forward with informed, data-driven decisions.

Talk to us about your data consultant needs today, to navigate your data journey to success.

Call 021 841 938 or email the team for more information.

FAQ about Data Consulting

Who is data consulting for?

Data consulting is essential for any organisation that aims to make informed decisions based on data analysis, whether they are just beginning their data journey or looking to refine and advance their existing capabilities.

New Tool Adoption: Businesses planning to integrate advanced analytics tools like Tableau for improved data visualisation, need assistance with everything from server installation to tool integration.

Data Infrastructure Building:  Businesses at the initial stages of creating or expanding their data infrastructure, including setting up ETL processes, developing Tableau dashboards, and creating Alteryx workflows.

Process Optimisation and Documentation: Businesses looking to document their analytics requirements more clearly or seeking ways to enhance the efficiency and impact of existing processes and analytical products.

Will the consultant be familiar with my industry?

Yes, FIRN’s data consulting services are deeply rooted in a broad range of industry expertise. Our seasoned team has partnered with clients across New Zealand, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to meeting sector-specific demands. Our clientele spans:

Telecommunications: Complete collaboration with NZ’s telcos, providing insights into this vibrant sector.

Banking and Financial Services: In-depth experience with three major NZ banks and numerous financial entities, addressing complex industry needs.

Retail: Expertise in leveraging data to boost customer experiences and sales for numerous retailers.

Energy, Healthcare, Media, and Government: Proven track record in these critical sectors, focusing on compliance, efficiency, and service improvement.

FIRN is equipped to bring valuable industry insights and tailored solutions to your unique challenges.

Do we get a dedicated consultant or a mix?

Whether your project benefits from the dedicated focus of a single consultant or the diverse expertise of a team depends on its unique requirements. Our approach is customised to ensure optimal support and outcomes for your specific needs. For specialised projects, a dedicated consultant might offer the depth of knowledge necessary, while a multifaceted project could benefit from a mixed team of experts.

For detailed insights on how we align our consulting resources with your project’s goals, or to discuss your project’s specific consulting needs, please contact us. We’re committed to providing tailored support, ensuring your project’s success with the right mix of expertise.

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How do FIRN data consultants compare to other options?

FIRN data consultants stand out through a unique blend of expertise, client-focused service, and comprehensive solutions. When comparing FIRN to other options, several key factors highlight their distinctive advantages:

Breadth of Services: FIRN covers a wide array of data analytics and consulting services, including business intelligence, data warehousing, and advanced analytics, ensuring a one-stop solution for clients’ data needs.

Expertise and Experience: The team comprises seasoned professionals with deep knowledge across various platforms and tools such as Tableau, Alteryx, and DataRobot. This vast experience enables FIRN to tailor solutions that precisely meet client requirements and industry standards.

Client-Centric Approach: FIRN places a strong emphasis on understanding and addressing the specific challenges and objectives of each client. This personalized approach ensures that solutions are not only effective but also aligned with the client’s strategic goals.

Proven Track Record: With a history of successful engagements across various sectors, including telecommunications, banking, and healthcare, FIRN’s track record speaks to its ability to deliver tangible results and drive significant business improvements.

Data consulting or training-which is the better option?

Deciding between data consulting services and training programmes ultimately depends on your project’s specific needs and your team’s existing internal capabilities.

Data Consulting is recommended if your organisation requires expert guidance to navigate complex data challenges, develop bespoke data strategies, or implement advanced analytics solutions. It’s ideal for projects where specialised expertise can drive significant value, especially in scenarios where internal resources may lack the specific skills or bandwidth needed.

Training is a valuable investment if your goal is to enhance your team’s data proficiency and self-sufficiency. It’s best suited for organisations looking to build or expand their in-house analytics capabilities, ensuring long-term growth and innovation from within.

Both paths offer distinct advantages, and in many cases, a combination of consulting to address immediate challenges and training to build internal expertise can be the most effective strategy.

For a detailed assessment of which option aligns best with your project’s objectives and your organisation’s current capabilities, please contact us. We’re here to help you make the informed choice that propels your organisation forward.

Which data platforms and languages are covered?

Our data consulting services encompass a broad spectrum of data platforms and languages to cater to diverse data analysis, visualization, and management needs. The platforms we work with include industry leaders like:

  • DataRobot: An AI and data modeling platform that accelerates predictive analytics initiatives.
  • Tableau: A powerful tool for data visualization and business intelligence.
  • Alteryx: Known for its advanced analytics, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities, and data blending.
  • Snowflake: A cloud data platform that offers data warehousing solutions.
  • Collibra: A data governance and catalog platform.
  • ThoughtSpot: Offers search & AI-driven analytics solutions.
  • Fivetran: Specializes in automated data integration.
  • Matillion: Provides ETL solutions for cloud data warehouses.
  • dbt (data build tool): Focuses on transformation in the data warehouse.
  • Coalesce: Aims at data transformation and modeling.

These platforms are complemented by our expertise in various programming languages and technologies essential for data science, including SQL for database queries, Python and R for statistical analysis and machine learning, among others. This comprehensive coverage ensures we can offer tailored solutions that align with your project’s specific needs, whether it involves data analysis, business intelligence, data management, or advanced predictive analytics.

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