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Find your insightful information

The Collibra platform empowers organisations to collaborate and use their data as a true business asset.

Data can change an entire enterprise, but it also presents a challenge. With Collibra you can find insightful information and trust that it is accurate.

Find meaning in your data

The Collibra platform empowers enterprises to find meaning in their data and improve the quality of business decisions. Using the suite of Collibra data management products, both IT and business users can collaborate to create a data-driven organisation on one shared platform. This is why Collibra is positioned as the top provider of machine learning data catalogues. 

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With the Collibra data management platform, you can 

  • Gain full visibility across your data to find the meaning within it and use it to improve the quality of business decisions.
  • Using your data catalogue, you can discover and understand the data that matters to generate insights that drive business value.
  • Establish a shared business language to govern and understand your ever-changing data environment with a scalable solution that grows with you.
  • Show how data flows from system to system, with complete, end-to-end lineage visualisation.
  • Manage and roll out policies across the privacy lifecycle and scale compliance across new regulations.

Get Collibra in New Zealand

We are excited to have recently become a Collibra service partner and reseller. We look forward to using our expertise to guide and support our New Zealand customers through the implementation of these transformative data management tools. Talk to us to find out more.

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