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You’ve invested in a great software tool and in hiring top people. So, you want to make sure you make the most of your investment. Getting the right software training will help users make the best use of the tools, learn quickly and avoid common mistakes. 

Software training services 

FIRN provides training for Tableau, Alteryx and Snowflake, at different skill levels. We can provide training on-site, online, at our Auckland office or anywhere in New Zealand. 

So we can spend extra time on what’s important to you, and even use your data, training sessions are for closed groups with you and your colleagues. To get you comfortable using the tools, all our training sessions are hands-on. 

data analysts

Software training in context

The FIRN team has dozens of years of experience in data and analytics. We’ve worked with different data analytics tools in different markets and in different countries. We not only know our software tools through and through, but we can also place what we teach in the context of your business. 

What to expect from our software training services:

  • It’s hands-on
  • You’ll not only learn about your data tool but you’ll discover how to use it in the context of your role
  • The costs are a flat rate to book our trainer per day, not per person in attendance
  • We will adapt the course content to tailor it to your needs, if required.
software training services

What clients
are saying about our software training services…

“Ludo was great at tailoring his language, guidance & responses to ensure we all got the most out of the 2 days, explaining things in a simple and effective manner but also happy to explore further detail if a student was interested. He was following a structured course but actively looked for ways to relate the lessons back to our day jobs.”

Dhruv Uppal (Tableau learner)

The instructor was really good. He was engaged and obviously passionate about what he was delivering.”

nabil rashid (Tableau learner)

It was fantastic to have someone of Ludo’s calibre and experience working alongside the team. Having Ludo embedded in the team enabled him to understand our work and provide training that was directly related to what mattered most to us.Read more

Carolyn Fyfe, Digital Analytics Manager, BNZ
data analysts

FIRN software training services

Our training will ensure you understand the broad palette of tools and options. The hands-on sessions guide you through the different tools and how to make the best use of them. 

One of our missions is to make data and analytics easy and fun

With over 20 years of analytics, business intelligence and data warehouse experience, our software training services help businesses gain insights from data either in the cloud or on premises, taking the complexities out of your day job. We have the enthusiasm and the capacity to help businesses get ahead and stay there.

Call 021 841 938 or email the team for more information.

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