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DataRobot Revolutionizes Business Data With AI

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AI at work for you

DataRobot combines data science with artificial intelligence, giving you a wide range of statistical modelling capabilities, automatic scoring and easy deployment. It’s a high-performance automated machine learning platform that captures the knowledge, experience and best practices of leading data scientists. Build models, delivered with artificial intelligence, to produce predictive analytics more quickly and at scale. 

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So you can do the things humans are good at 

Use innovative practical data science to improve decision-making, without the data scientists. DataRobot enables users to carry out accurate predictive data modelling with ease and speed, accomplishing more in less time. Artificial Intelligence is here to do the tedious, repetitive or complex tasks that computers are good at and free up our time so we can do the things humans are good at.

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FOMO is not a DataRobot issue

The share of AI models created but never put into production at large enterprises has been estimated to be as high as 90% or greater. With massive investments in data science teams, platforms, and infrastructure, the number of under-utilised AI projects is dramatically increasing – along with the number of missed opportunities. 

DataRobot MLOps delivers the capabilities data science and IT ops teams need to work together to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern machine learning models in production. 

Data modelling without breaking a sweat

DataRobot truly brings data science to the masses. It empowers users, who may have no knowledge of machine learning or programming, to build highly accurate predictive models in a short time frame. It is available in the cloud, on-premise or as a fully managed service.

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5 reasons to love DataRobot

  • It caters to all user types with persona-centric user experiences. These can be tailored for AI creators, operators, and consumers.
  • Get end-to-end acceleration. DataRobot features automated data science best practices to prepare, build, deploy, and maintain AI-driven applications at enterprise scale. 
  • With DataRobot MLOps, data scientists can deploy models in hours not months, proactively monitor ML model health, make efficient and trusted model updates, and apply ML governance best practices.
  • This is centrally managed, human-centric AI that consistently shares your unique values and ethics, giving you governed data and trusted results.
  • Keep your IP and avoid vendor lock-in. You own this intelligence. DataRobot is a portable system that runs on your platform-of-choice.

You saw DataRobot here first

DataRobot was one of the first automated machine learning platforms and FIRN Analytics is proud to again have been the first New Zealand partner. We’re here to help make predictive analytics both approachable and scalable. Talk to us about applying AI and ML on your terms to build better insights for your business. 

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