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Our lead consultant directors, Nick Lupis and Grant Buckley, are New Zealanders with many years of experience in the business intelligence, data, analytics, AI and marketing industries. 

They are supported by a diverse and talented team of experienced and certified data professionals who specialise in their respective fields as subject matter experts.

All these individuals strive to provide exceptional service at all times, allowing you to leverage a breadth of knowledge unique only to FIRN.

FIRN Management Team

Nick Lupis

  Nick Lupis

   Managing Director

“There is normally a solution to any problem.”

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Nick’s vision is to create New Zealand’s foremost analytics company and things are well underway!

Nick is a data expert with over 20 years of business intelligence, data warehouse and analytics experience. Specialising in data software such as Tableau, Alteryx, Snowflake, Datarobot, Matillion, Fivetran, Thoughtspot and Collibra, he also has significant experience in many other data analytics platforms and applications, such as Salesforce, Xero & Adobe Analytics. 

Nick is the natural relationship manager for our technology partners, and he’s always on the lookout for future partners. He travels widely to keep abreast of the latest solutions. Always researching to shape how FIRN will support future technologies moving forward.


· Data warehousing

· Insights, data analytics and data modelling

· Business intelligence solutions

· Data management

Grant Buckley

Grant Buckley

Sales and Marketing Director

“We’re here to help your organisation make smart business decisions.”

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Grant has a wealth of international experience across AI, data science, data analytics, business intelligence and marketing from multiple sectors.

Through advanced techniques and technologies on 1,000s of projects in over 20 years of working for large global data organisations with clients who love data and technology, Grant has changed the way companies use their data. Understanding each client’s needs and working with them to create bespoke solutions is at the heart of what he does. Grant draws on a fantastic array of successes, innovations, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Grant is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Nexus Supreme Award Judge and a Board Advisor for various data groups, data conferences and start-ups.


• Insights, data analytics and modelling

• Business intelligence solutions

• Predictive analytics / AI / ML

• Direct and digital customer acquisition / retention marketing

• GIS / analysis / intelligence

Sarah Marsden

Sarah Marsden

Data and Analytics Practice Manager

“I love seeing people turn challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence.”

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Sarah stands at the forefront of consultancy at FIRN, bringing together the talent to craft bespoke solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs. With a background in computer science and statistics, implementations in SQL, R, Python and cloud based technologies and technical leadership and delivery; Sarah amplifies our consulting team’s capabilities.

Her goal is to empower the team, enhancing their proficiency with existing tools while encouraging the exploration of new technologies. As a mentor and team leader, Sarah is committed to delivering on our promises, ensuring we have the right skills at the right time to meet project demands. She excels in bridging the gap between sales and consultancy, leveraging her deep technical understanding to guide project success.

Under Sarah’s leadership, our clients enjoy the benefits of working with highly skilled professionals united towards a common goal. While accolades often celebrate the team’s achievements, it’s Sarah’s guidance and strategic foresight that drive our success. Her presence at FIRN not only elevates our consultancy services but also embodies our dedication to innovation and excellence.

FIRN Sales Team


Milda Zarankaité

Client Manager

“No two businesses are built the same–that’s why we design bespoke data solutions tailored to your unique needs”

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Having journeyed from Lithuania to embracing opportunities in Ireland and working with brands from the United Kingdom, Milda brings a global experience and a keen analytical mind to the FIRN team. Her academic roots in Econometrics laid the groundwork for a versatile career that combined data analytics, and technology sales at some of the leading technology industry companies.

Milda has specialised in consulting various companies on using marketing automation tools, AI, organisational productivity and cybersecurity. Having worked with hundreds of businesses in Europe, she has observed that a strong data-driven culture is one of the prerequisites for sustainable growth and positive customer experience.  With such diverse knowledge, Milda is keen to look at business challenges holistically, understand business needs and how technology teams work to prepare the right data at the right time, starting from data sources, data warehousing, data transformation and automation.


Nathan Marston

Business Development Manager

“Unlocking success lies within the data; I thrive on sculpting solutions that drive outcomes through data-driven excellence.”

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With a career spanning over 15 years, Nathan has become distinguished in the software solutions industry  dedicated to transforming the operational efficiencies of businesses across New Zealand and the broader Asia-Pacific region. His journey is a testament to the power of innovative technology and strategic thinking in solving complex business challenges. 

Nathan’s expertise lies in identifying and harnessing the potential of software to drive business growth, particularly within the accounting sector. His tenure in the industry has been marked by a series of successful implementations of practice management, compliance, and analytics software, each tailored to meet the unique needs of accounting firms. These initiatives have not only enhanced productivity but have also revolutionised the way data is accessed and utilised.

Nathan’s approach goes beyond mere technical solutions; he seeks to understand the heart of each business challenge, crafting bespoke strategies that leverage technology to its fullest potential. This holistic perspective has enabled him to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also deeply aligned with the long-term goals and values of his clients.

Making Data Speak

FIRN has expertise in analytics technologies and specialises in implementing and supporting products, along with building bespoke cloud solutions and creating actionable insights through data storytelling, consulting and analytic services. 

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