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Power BI Consultancy

At FIRN, we cut through the noise, delivering solutions that transform data into actionable insights.

Our expert-led Power BI services are designed for professionals like you:

Streamline reporting
Uncover growth opportunities
Boosting data literacy across teams


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Power BI Consulting

Our Power BI Consulting services will help you elevate your business data and make smarter decisions:

– Build clarity of your data sets
– Understand your data potential
– Establish visual effectiveness
– Scenario planning
– Real time solutions

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training for power bi
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Qualified Consultants

Our qualified Power BI consultants are experts in data and visualisation, ready to help you with:

– Understand the platform
– Build reports and interactive graphs
– Transform complex data into simplified outputs
– Start building forecasting scenarios
– Dynamic data modelling

Power BI For Business

Elevate your business with Power BI—a swift, powerful stroke in your strategic arsenal. Visualise growth, pinpoint trends, and make data-driven decisions that leave competitors behind. Let Power BI turn your data into victories.

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FAQ about Power BI

Who is Power BI for?

Power BI is designed for a wide range of users, including data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and any organisation members seeking to make data-driven decisions. Its user-friendly interface and robust analytics tools make it suitable for both beginners in data analysis and seasoned experts.

Is Power BI better than other visualisation tools?

Power BI is ideal for users within the Microsoft ecosystem. It offers cost-effective data visualisation and integrates smoothly with other Microsoft products.

Is PowerBI difficult to learn?

Power BI’s interface is intuitive for beginners and enriched with features for experts. Ideal for those familiar with Excel, it demands commitment to unlock its full potential. This balance makes Power BI a strategic tool for data visualisation, catering to a wide range of analytical skills..

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data analysts

Can I learn PowerBI by myself?

Yes, you can learn Power BI on your own thanks to its extensive online resources and active community support. 

What is DAX?

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a key feature in Power BI, enabling advanced data analysis and calculations. Mastering DAX syntax and functions is vital for crafting dynamic expressions and calculated columns from your data, enhancing Power BI’s analytical capabilities. Its power lies in transforming raw data into actionable insights, essential for data-driven decision-making​.

Is it possible to learn Power BI in 2 Days?

Learning Power BI basics in two days is possible, particularly for those with data or Excel experience. However, mastering advanced features takes longer. Focusing on essential functions and visualazations is key.

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Let our Power BI experts guide you and your business to be better equipped. Whether you are considering the platform or need advanced help-get in touch with us today.

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