Snowflake data warehouse

Snowflake Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Purpose built for the cloud

snowflake data
snowflake data warehouse

The data warehouse reinvented

Purpose-built for the cloud, the Snowflake data warehouse takes full advantage of the cloud’s elasticity, scalability and convenience. Snowflake is a powerful, fast and secure database with the flexibility of a big data platform. With Snowflake you will never run out of resources (storage or computing) and you only pay for what you use on a second-by-second basis.

6 things you’ll love about the Snowflake:

  • Near-zero maintenance
  • Instant elasticity
  • A single repository for structured and semi-structured data
  • ANSI-standard SQL
  • Per-second pricing 
  • Modern, secure data-sharing capabilities.

 Watch: Introduction to Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Seamless data communication

Easily discover and securely share live, governed data across your business. You can seamlessly communicate with your customers and business partners, and with any organisation that is part of the data cloud. Snowflake’s data warehouse platform gives you immediate access to the data cloud. Snowflake works together with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Snowflake heralds the end of the data silo. Suddenly, data governance and security is so much easier to manage, making compliance with data privacy regulations less time-consuming.

snowflake data
snowflake database

You saw Snowflake here first

FIRN Analytics was the first reseller in Australasia to partner with this leading global services provider. After watching the Snowflake data warehouse develop into what it is today, we can now give you the edge in the market. Simply call 021 841938 or email the team

We are the go-to local reseller for Snowflake, with a fully trained and certified team supporting your Snowflake journey. Talk with us today about your data warehouse plans.

FIRN software training services

Book Snowflake training today

FIRN’s Snowflake training helps you understand the core principles around how Snowflake works: setting up your account, loading data, managing access, querying data and using all the features the most cost-effectively.
Complete the form to book your comprehensive Snowflake training and get the most out of your software.

For a business built and backed by data

Data silos are huge sources of inefficiency: multiple teams either store the same data or they store data that’s not shared. The result? Not enough information! Together, you, FIRN and the Snowflake data warehouse can put an end to that. We can help your business easily and securely store, integrate and analyse data for better business decisions.

Call 021 841 938 or email the team for more information.

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