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Data Warehousing | Architecture | Development Resources

Centralise and conform your data to create a single source of truth.

Powerful Visualisation

Data Exploration | Actionable Insights | High-Performance Reporting

Analyse and report with insightful clarity.

Cutting Edge AI

Advanced Modelling | Machine Learning | Deploy, Manage And Govern Your Models

Look to the future – forecast, predict and get ahead with artificial intelligence – AI.

data analytics techniques

To unlock the wisdom within your data, talk to us about meaningful data analytics.

data analytics methods

Empower your data

Next to your people, your data is possibly your most precious resource. When used wisely, you can see trends and project scenarios based on your present business reality. Our data solutions offer New Zealand businesses real insights they can action to remove risk and enable smart decision-making. 

We seamlessly blend best-of-breed technology with software training and strategic expert advice that is tailored precisely to your needs.


Case Studies

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Meet our technology partners

If you already work with any of our technology partners, it’s likely you already have hugely valuable insights locked away in your data. Why not extract them and put them to good use?

At FIRN Analytics, we’re experts in integrating with these platforms to bring your data to life. We’ll help you create meaning from the numbers, and insights you can act upon.

data analytics
data analysis

Our customers

We’re exceptionally grateful for our diverse base of New Zealand customers. 

Our customers include all the NZ telcos, three of the five major banks, along with multiple financial and professional services businesses, many retailers and an ever-increasing number of energy, healthcare, media and government customers.

Read our latest case studies

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What our
are saying…

“Always found FIRN to be extremely responsive, reliable, knowledgeable & customer focused”. 

Peter McCallum

Find your truth in the data

To better understand customers, improve marketing drives, predict the future, personalise content and improve bottom lines, businesses need the proper data analytics tools and processes, and that’s where we come in. FIRN provides the software, integration and training on-site, online, at our Auckland office or anywhere in New Zealand. Call 021 841938 or email the FIRN team for more information. We have the enthusiasm, knowhow, and capacity to help your business get ahead and stay there.

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