Moving weekly reporting to the next level in Telecoms

weekly reporting - telecommunications infrastructure

Weekly reporting enables us to see at a glance what is happening in a business and take appropriate action. Frequency determines that it should not be too onerous to produce and automation is the key to success. 

Our client is a telecommunications company, building and maintaining New Zealand’s network. It’s an open-access network through which phone and broadband providers deliver their products and services providing the necessary connections to businesses as well as residential areas. A company this big and fundamental, needs internal systems in place for accurate tracking and reporting.

The challenge:

Weekly reporting was traditionally done on MS Excel. It quickly became overloaded and staff experienced ongoing difficulties in completing their work.

The reporting was a manual and time-consuming process. Consolidating masses of data in an MS Excel file takes significantly more time than it should. The manual process increased the possibility of mistakes being made. This put the reporting accuracy at risk and lead to inefficient data analysis.

MS Excel is a trusted and well-used reporting tool, however, in terms of features and capabilities, it was lacking when trying to create the reports to the desired standard.

Despite much time and effort dedicated to creating the best weekly reports with the resources on offer, it was time for an upgrade.

Better reporting processes (Alteryx) and a more visually appealing dashboard (Tableau), were proposed, but who would transfer all the data into the new system and set it up?

The solution:

A FIRN consultant was embedded onsite tasked with transferring past data to the new automated Alteryx system. The next part of the brief was to create templates for the Tableau data visual presentation.


  • remove the manual time-consuming need for weekly report creation
  • improve the quality of the report
  • mitigate the risk of inaccurate data analysis
  • use the Tableau templates to present the data in an unambiguous, accurate, and more appealing way.

The results:

  • To date, combining the use of Alteryx and Tableau to successfully automate the weekly reports has drastically improved them.
  • Automated reports have saved time, increased efficiency, and enabled improved data analysis to inform data-based decisions.
  • The Tableau templates created by the FIRN consultant have transformed the reports, making them visually appealing in much less time.

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