Software training helps BNZ’s future

Tailored software training for the banking sector

The Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), one of our big four banks, operates a variety of financial services. These cover retail, business and institutional banking. BNZ employs over 5,000 people in New Zealand.

BNZ logoBNZ has been helping its customers make their goals a reality for 160 years. It’s now working with them to redesign banking for the future. Part of this requires upskilling staff with data software training and understanding its use within the business.


The challenge

The Digital Analytics team at BNZ receives copious amounts of data daily. It needs to be prepared and presented consistently using the same systems. Not all team members had equal knowledge of how to use them, however, so a training need was identified.

Fully understanding the capabilities and uses of both Alteryx and Tableau can make all the difference when data-led decisions are being made. Alteryx can create consistently high-quality prepared data and Tableau can be used to prepare well-presented visual reports. To achieve this, the Digital Analytics team was invited to take part in several training workshops to help it better understand the features of the tools. This enabled team members to take full advantage of the potential for better data preparation, reporting, and visualisation.

The team recognised that taking part in formal training would ensure they had a complete understanding of the tools. As well as being taught tips and tricks from a professional, they could maximise their use of Alteryx and Tableau.

The solution – tailored software training

BNZ engaged FIRN to prepare and conduct several training workshops. These covered everything from fundamental principles to case-specific deep dives. After an initial information-gathering session to design the custom training workshop, FIRN established and set in place processes to ensure efficient use of time. We acknowledge the commitment involved so wanted to provide good value for the team.

Notable features of the workshop included:

  • dashboard design
  • documentation
  • peer reviews
  • self-service analytics
  • Alteryx workflow design
  • live connections
  • Tableau data extracts

The training was designed to help participants acquire the necessary skills to assist analysts to build high-quality reports using best-practice principles in visualisation.

The framework created by FIRN developed the skills required by members of the BNZ Digital Analytics team, who attended the sessions. They followed a curriculum that tracks and reports on their continuous improvement. The workshop adapted to specific learner needs and various individual levels; from Fundamentals to the Advanced levels of Alteryx and Tableau.


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The results

After FIRN’s software training workshops, the Digital Analytics team at BNZ is preparing, reporting, and presenting data more consistently and with improved visual presentation. Their simple or complex analyses are displayed in a more appealing and structured manner. 

  • Enhanced data visual presentation
  • Team consistency 
  • Better understanding and appreciation of the features, capabilities, and functionalities of Alteryx and Tableau.

“It was fantastic to have someone of Ludo’s calibre and experience working alongside the team. Having Ludo embedded in the team enabled him to understand our work and provide training that was directly related to what mattered most to us.” Carolyn Fyfe, Digital Analytics Manager, BNZ

For more information about learning Tableau or Alteryx with our consultants, get in touch with us at FIRN.